Which Sport You Like The Most

Which Sport You Like The Most

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Everyone uses sports according to their needs. Some treat it as entertainment, some as passion, some find it as a way to keep fit and some are involved in sport for adrenaline. Whatever reason there may be, everybody loves at least one sport. A sport tends to bring out the best in you. Such is the beauty of sports.

I keep myself occupied by travelling through England and exploring the various styles of playing a game at different locations. I like playing football (soccer), rugby, tennis, cricket and golf. I am a sports enthusiast and play all other sports as well.

In England, everyone either plays a sport or at least follows one rigorously. The fan base for football in England is unparalleled especially in the Premier League, which is widely known as the best football league in the world. Cricket is our national sport but its viewership falls behind football, tennis and rugby. Visiting different cities and counties keeps me refreshed and playing with the locals and interacting with the locals is something I enjoy.

Cricket: Cricket is the 2nd most popular sport in the world after football. I love this sport for its strategic game play and patience. I’ve been to Sussex County Cricket Club based in the county of Sussex. It is the oldest county cricket club and has a rich legacy. Learning the intricate details of the sport from the experts there was a great experience.

Football: Football or Soccer is the most popular game on the planet. In England, it is followed like a religion. I had the opportunity to visit the training ground of the famous Liverpool Football Club, named Melwood. I met the first team which was training there, saw the state-of-the-art facilities and was mesmerized by the whole atmosphere there. It is a huge club with a rich history and a huge fan base worldwide. This was a “never to forget” experience.

Hockey: Hockey is a sport which has lost its fans and glory in England. Although England take part in all the world events related to hockey, even the Olympics but still the popularity of this sport has dulled over the years. Still, I consider it to be an exhilarating sport and one which requires stamina and agility. I play hockey whenever I get the chance as it is a great way to stay in good shape.

Tennis: Tennis is one of my favorite individual sports and in England it has a flourished legacy in the name of ‘Wimbledon’. It is the most prestigious tennis Grand Slam of the year. The All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club hosts this beautiful tournament and I’ve had the privilege to play there in the off season. It was a one of a kind of an experience.

Badminton: Badminton is a challenging sport. In England, All England Open Badminton Championship takes place annually. Since 1994, it is being held in Barclaycard Arena, Birmingham. It is a lovely facility with world class features and equipment. Best badminton players from all over the world come there to win the coveted tournament.

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