Game Is Life Hustle Till You Win

Game Is Life Hustle Till You Win

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                                                           My favourite sports part 2

Many of us are driven by all kinds of sports; be it football, or as it is called ‘soccer’ in America (I’ll never understand that), cricket, rugby, tennis or any other sport. If you’re one of those sports fanatics, you’ll relate with me better. One of the biggest advantages of being an Englishman is that we have all the sports in the world here. Different parts of England have different popularity among sports. Football is played almost everywhere, small or big, cricket is usually played in lush greens of relatively bigger towns and cities, tennis is restricted to academies and clubs and rugby is played in a few pockets of England.

My exploits while traveling through England and playing with the locals, understanding the different ideology for a sport at different locations is a great way of relieving my stress.

I love travelling all over England and play the local sports there; visiting the sports clubs and hanging out with the locals. I’ve combined my 2 passions together, sports and travel. As we all know most of the biggest sports in the world began in England, cricket, football, lawn tennis, rugby and golf. Cricket is our national sport and not football, as many believe.

Cricket: England has a lot of cricket clubs. Cricket, often referred to as ‘Gentleman’s Game’, is mostly played during the months of April to August in England. It is a sport of true patience and strategies. I’ve visited Lord’s cricket ground, which is called “the home of cricket”. The Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) is responsible for all the laws of cricket. I love watching county cricket as the best talents in England play there.

Tennis: It is the largest individual sport in England. We host Wimbledon every year and it is the biggest Grand Slam of the year. Each year I go to London during Wimbledon, to witness amazing players from around the world. Also, I love playing tennis with the locals there. There are some amazing facilities at local tennis clubs in London.

Rugby: Rugby is 2nd only to football in viewership across England. Rugby is very popular in Yorkshire, Cumbria and parts of North West England. I really enjoy playing rugby in Yorkshire and love this sport because of its competitiveness.

Football: England is home to many great football teams of the world. The most famous teams are Liverpool, Arsenal and Manchester United and they play in the Premier League, the highest tier of English football. I love visiting London, Merseyside and Manchester as locals there are highly knowledgeable about football and playing with them teaches me a lot about the nuances of the sport.

Badminton: Badminton is a handy sport and learning beginner level play is simple. The top level requires top levels of stamina, endurance, agility and flexibility though. I love playing badminton as it stretches my body and makes it more flexible.

Motorsports: Motorsports find a huge fan base in England. There are various go kart arenas where I love to go to try my hands on some motorsport. Almost all the Formula 1 teams are based in England.