Can-t Live Without Sports!!

Can-t Live Without Sports!!

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My favourite sports

Everyone uses sports according to their needs. Some treat it as entertainment, some as passion, some find it as a way to keep fit and some are involved in sport for adrenaline. Whatever reason there may be, everybody loves at least one sport. A sport tends to bring out the best in you. Such is the beauty of sports.

I keep myself occupied by travelling through England and exploring the various styles of playing a game at different locations. I like playing football (soccer), rugby, tennis, cricket and golf. I am a sports enthusiast and play all other sports as well.

In England, everyone either plays a sport or at least follows one rigorously. The fan base for football in England is unparalleled especially in the Premier League, which is widely known as the best football league in the world. Cricket is our national sport but its viewership falls behind football, tennis and rugby. Visiting different cities and counties keeps me refreshed and playing with the locals and interacting with the locals is something I enjoy.

Hockey: Hockey is a sport which has lost its fans and glory in England. Although England take part in all the world events related to hockey, even the Olympics but still the popularity of this sport has dulled over the years. Still, I consider it to be an exhilarating sport and one which requires stamina and agility. I play hockey whenever I get the chance as it is a great way to stay in good shape.

Lacrosse: The English Lacrosse Association governs Lacrosse all over England. The England Men’s Team are the current world champions. England is quite successful at Lacrosse on European and world level.

Golf: Golf is loved in England. Although it was originated in Scotland, England has done a lot to develop Golf. The Ryder Cup, Open Championship and the BMW PGA Championship are the major tournaments in England. People here love golf and the attendance is huge at these big tournaments.

Boxing: Boxing is another widely popular sport in England and some of the best boxers in the world are from England. At the turn of the 21st century, boxing saw a decline in England; mainly because of football being preferred more by youngsters. Less number of boxing players started to become national icons than footballers. This is a disturbing stat for the sport.

Basketball: Basketball is not a very popular or huge sport in England. England has 2 basketball leagues, British Basketball League and English Basketball League. These leagues are not as big as the NBA but have modest resources and a decent fan base.

Australian Rules Football: Australian Rules Football gradually gained popularity in England and England competes in the Australian Football International Cup. The Great Britain National Australian Rules Football Team is England’s national team for this competition. This sport got more popular after 1989 and youngsters are increasingly taking interest in this sport. This is almost like the American Football with a few changed rules and regulations.