All What I Think Is -My Game

All What I Think Is -My Game

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                                             Playing Sports Is My Life

I love sports and anybody who shares this feeling would know that there is no better feeling than playing your favourite sport with like-minded people. The charge and energy it gives you is unmatched. In England, especially in London, there are sports club with so many sports. The price to join the club is not much and you get to play your favourite sport with other good players.

It is an amazing way to socialise too. It’s not that people who are good at sports should join such clubs; in fact it is even better for people who have been the last one to be picked for a team during their school days. These clubs usually have offbeat sports like, water polo, korfball, dodge ball, etc. The sports played here are competitive yet sociable. The main purpose of these clubs is recreation with a bit of competition because there’s no fun in sports if there’s no little competition.

One can choose on or all the sports on the list. Whichever sport you choose, you’re enrolled on a few weeks league competition. There’s no training for the sport and I think that’s the best part because there’s nothing like learning with experience. You can be assigned to a team or you can bring over your friends and form a team of your own.

More than a social club, these clubs turn out to become social clubs. With so many like minded people, one is certain to make new friends. Also, it is a great way to stay fit. Whoever wants to shed some pounds should join these clubs for at least one sport. The sports played here are not mainstream so beginners and amateurs will feel comfortable playing here. All these sports focus on certain muscles in your body so it is advised that you choose all the sports in order to keep all your muscles strong. It is better than hitting the gym, any day.

Dodge ball is one sport which the beginners can try at first. It is a fast and entertaining sport and who doesn’t enjoy hitting people with big rubber balls. Another great sport for beginners would be Inner tube water polo. This is not a typical water polo sport. Players sit in a rubber ring and paddle up and down the pool while passing the ball and trying to score goals. One may even tip other player which is an added fun factor in this sport.

For a person who has just moved to London and wants to make some friends and kickoff a social life, joining a sports club is the ideal thing to do. Each such club has a small bar along with it so you can sit with your new friends and talk to each other over a pint of beer.

The cost is usually £50 to £75 for an individual and £400 to £600 for a group of 12 people for a 14 week league. Every expense is included in this fee; from kits to venue and from refreshments to equipment.